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Antonovich Luxury Homes

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Interior Design &
Architecture & Landscape Design

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The best solutions in interior design and architecture for Kenya!

Luxury Antonovich Design Studio offers premium interior design and architectural design worldwide. Nowadays, our studios are opened in the UAE, Qatar, and Kenya.

The company has been rapidly growing for more than 16 years and holds a leading position in this sphere. Elite projects of villas, hotels, apartments, public buildings, residences are implemented in more than 20 countries around the world. We are ahead of time and set new trends in styles.

Our main advantages

– A team of professionals with a successful experience

– We create unique projects. Each project is an exclusive solution

– Our clients receive the best that exists in the world today

– Full support of the project from sketch to construction and decoration

– Direct deliveries of furniture and materials to the site from the world-famous factories

– In our work, we use the best traditions and the latest technologies.

Luxury Antonovich Design is synonymous with the highest quality, brilliant design, and high responsibility.

Check our main website for complete company profile and portfolio:

Luxury Antonovich Design Dubai

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