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About us

Luxury means a promise of quality
We design spaces that not just look good, they have to work for you

Katrina Antonovich, a chief designer of the LUXURY ANTONOVICH DESIGN studio, for over ten years dedicated her work to creating interiors comparable with works of art. Katrina Antonovich studied Art Design and Architecture in St.Petersburg. Academic architectural education in the world capital of regal luxury is the basis of her style in works. Her amazing ability to look into the future of architecture and design, to serve our valued customers and clients with all the subtleties associated with the demands, and to create true masterpieces of luxury, make the LUXURY ANTONOVICH DESIGN handwriting recognizable worldwide.

Her keen understanding of the beautiful and unerring taste, Katrina Antonovich had inherited from her ancestors. She comes from an aristocratic family of noble birth with time-honoured history.

Katrina Antonovich is a well-known designer in the East. The eminent customers appreciate her amazing ability to combine creativity and business approach. Oriental flavor, traditional classic motifs, and modern style are delightfully entwined in the designer’s works. The exquisite mix of styles becomes a basis for expensive, beautiful and large-scale projects in the Middle East countries and Africa. Adhering to cultural traditions, the author complements her projects with bold and brilliant ideas. The interiors are notable for their rich décor, variety of patterns and rich palette of tints. Katrina Antonovich with her flair for creating masterpieces tucked with a strong business approach has topped incredible heights of professionalism in a short span of time. She is entrusted with creation of palace complexes, government residences, luxury villas, penthouses and hotels. Therefore, it is logical that the head office of the studio is in the world’s capital of luxury and splendor, in Dubai, now.

The palatial splendour with intellectual overtones from Katrina Antonovich embraces the soul of the world's most intense connoisseurs of luxury, while we design interiors that are ahead of time. New trends that will form a basis of the most fashionable interiors in a few years are being imaged in the author's projects of the talented designer today. Her creativity becomes a wonderful moment of emergence of new styles, that will go into the history of design and architecture.

With a select team of high-end architects and interior designers, the LUXURY ANTONOVICH DESIGN studio, under the leadership of Katrina Antonovich, is an exceptional architectural and interior design company offering a service level with 9 stars. This is architectural design, interior design and landscape design from high-class professionals of the world. Success of the designer is based on passion for creativity and high standard, which Katrina Antonovich follows in her work.We erase the thin line between dream and reality; assist you while you order the author's project at the studio to feel on top of the world.

We make you believe, "Everything that surrounds you is perfect, stunningly gorgeous and comfortable!"

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