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Best Exterior house design in Classic style

Exterior house design by Luxury Antonovich Design is a great opportunity to decorate a beautiful country Arab Emirates.

In this article in our blog, we present to our dear readers our new project Luxury Arabic Villa in the UAE. It is amazingly beautiful villa rightfully claim to be one more jewel of among architectural projects of our architectural bureau. Well-known in the world designer and architect Katrina Antonovich belongs to a new generation of architects who are beginning to create a whole new vision in this area of art. After finishing her education in St. Petersburg over the years of her successful activity She has managed to create  hundreds of amazing beauty interiors and exteriors projects in a variety of styles. And today in the UAE, many customers are seeking a unique design precisely of that architect and designer.

Features of unique approach by Katrina Antonovich is:

  • a very subtle understanding of world trend
  • the ability to create truly unique solutions
  • deep knowledge of modern technologies
  • clear business approach 

The freshness of the idea Exterior house design in classic style is that the modern facade of a house in the natural, warm colors and traditional character of the East with original tiled roofs, reflects ease and cordiality in the spirit of Arabian hospitality. Large windows and terraces give the exterior a unique charm of elegance and grace.
If you look at the facade, the house  seems to be light, airy, compact, balanced, however, if you look on any of its two wings, is changing view: become noticeable harmonious asymmetry, volume, and spaciousness. From any angle, the building opens in new ways. Each view is incredibly beautiful and filled with a deep sense of architectural solutions.
Color solution of the facade recalls the elegance and freshness - a combination of calm and rich creamy tones and milky white with  bright green living plants in garden design just attracts the eye. The light foundation gives some sense of house soaring .In the project thought out all the smallest details, from the solemn beauty of the front door to all necessary utility rooms. Thus in the house is comfortable for everyone. For both owners and service personnel.
Open terraces have a very important role in the Exterior house design. Large terraces decorated  the roof of the building and several small terraces complemented facade itself.   From these foreshortening opens an elegant, European-style landscape design with lush greenery and a large fountain.
A large percentage of the facade  area is occupied by glass windows. The central portal is complemented with luxurious stained-glass windows, and arched windows  elegantly decorated with inlays of brass. This gives the building very elegant and luxurious features. Interior features of the villa are typical for the Arab countries. Living rooms occupied  the ground floor from the front of the house. On the second floor - the bedrooms and bathrooms.
The interiors of living rooms always decorated with numerous inlays of semiprecious stones on the walls; beds - huge, exclusive, with a thin thread; kitchen size and equipment of kitchens competing with upscale restaurants; bathrooms resemble a small salon for spa treatments. The following materials of our blog, we take a closer look at the interior of this beautiful villa.


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