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Best interior design for master bedroom

Best interior design for bedroom

Perhaps one of the greatest achievements of civilization can be considered the right to privacy, hidden from the eyes of not only strangers but also family members. For the elites of former times,a bedroom was one of the rooms for receiving guests, for all others - corner of the house, only formally separated from the rest of the territory. Nowadays owning a separate bedroom considered the minimum limit of comfort, and in this article, we will help you to understand that  is required for proper rest in it.

We will not seek  to embrace the unembraceable because in different houses and in different families to bedroom must be of the different requirements.Let us touch only one side question: how to create an elite bedroom, what is worth paying attention if you are lucky enough to have sufficient funds, spacious accommodation and a solid social status. Most likely, the main advisor in this matter is the designer. However, the result of his work to suit you at 100%, it is necessary first of all to understand your desires. The luxury house almost every family member has their own bedroom, including children and older relatives, guest bedrooms from the category of "trendy" go into the category of mandatory elements.But in this article focuses on   the bedroom's owners - family or personal, as they are called "master bedroom".

Understanding the optimal relaxation

Unlike the living room or dining room, bedroom does not presuppose demonstration of its interior to strangers.Therefore, the desire to "impress", logically, should be in the last place.

The atmosphere in the luxury bedroom

Luxurious interior usually involves the selection of a specific style, which creates an atmosphere. At a time when a designer enthusiastically offers you especially radical options, it makes sense to consider how comfortable relaxation would be expected in such a "radical" interior. Quite known 2 extremes: a magnificent palace style and minimalism.So, choosing a style for your bedroom, you should pay attention not to what most impresses you, but the type of interior, in which you feel most relaxed.


If the layout of the house implies relatively free arrangement of rooms, the bedroom is better positioned in the most distant parts from the entrance. It is useful to recall your habits at the awakening . If you are on the kind of work necessary to get up early and  it pretty hard - the bedroom window facing east will help you to solve this problem. A similar arrangement of bedrooms we can advise those who are not too comfortable with summer  heat  and likes to spend time in the bedroom during the day and just before sunset - excessive sun rays do not disturb relaxation. On the contrary, if you prefer  to luxuriate in the morning in bed, preferably choose the southern or western orientation of the windows.The North is suitable for the bedroom last thing: in such rooms always is not enough of  natural light.

Sizes of luxury bedroom

Many believe that the size of the living room is the most important,  in relation to the bedroom follows the rules: enough for furniture, well, okay. For a luxury bedroom, this approach is not suitable in principle. Bedroom, just like any other room in a luxury home, it is important to make large enough, especially for comfortable movement and the impression of spaciousness. That is why the of luxury bedroom layout is desirable to create  in  alliance of the designer and the customer, which accurately represents the parameters of their own comfort.

A competent planning of a luxury bedroom

In the  luxury bedroom, except for the usual place to sleep, depending on the wishes of the owner can be located:
      · A place for a day rest (chair, one /a pair or canapes and coffee table)
      · Dressing zone  (eg, dressing table);
      · Clothes storage system (if separate cloakroom is not provided).

This is the minimum "gentlemanly set". A more comfortable option:  bedroom - mini-territory based on personal hobbies. For someone - a corner with gym equipment for other - Personal library. Regarding the placement of the computer,  it is  extremely rare, usually, the owners of bedrooms prefer mobile laptop which can be used anywhere.

Divide and rule

Usually, Luxury Antonovich Design interior designers starting planning the room, with zones allocation with respect to each other against  the windows and entrance. The most logical place for the bed, in the most distant part of the room, near the window or to place there a couple of armchairs, if the bed you prefer to see in the center. Closest to the entrance planned wardrobes and dressing tables. The maximum proximity to the bedroom it makes sense to arrange a personal bathroom, in some cases, the entrance to it and separate dressing area make right out of the bedroom. And, of course, if possible, in the elite bedroom should be an  access to the balcony, terrace or loggia.  If you combine the loggia to the room, on its territory can be arranged the place for relaxing during the day or for a hobby.

Decorative dominant

In addition to the necessary zones, for a truly comfortable rest in luxury bedroom often place a very inspiring decor. Fireplace or winter garden, an aquarium or fountain, spectacular niche with backlighting and stylistic composition  or mini-gallery of favorite pictures - all this makes it possible not only to have a rest but also to feel  of the room respectability .This is the most important thing you need to know about planning   the elite bedroom. In other articles, we will discuss the selection of furniture in the room, colors, lighting and  decor.

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