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Best Modern Interior UAE

Modern interior design is becoming increasingly associated with new technologies. And Luxury Antonovich Design Studio adds these new products and innovations in every  project. Architectural design becomes a very capacious concept, which includes several areas of design. And each of these areas is a part of luxury and comfort that we create for our customers.

In this article, we want to tell more about one of the villa projects in the UAE. The architectural design embodies a mix of traditions and innovations. In the interior, you can see a fine combination of cultural traditions of the East and the charm of modern classics.

The work on the project took into account several key areas

  • Architectural design;
  • Entrance Design;
  • Living room design;
  • Majlis design;
  • Dinning room design;
  • Master bedroom design;

Architecture design

The architecture design is the foundation of every project. In the villa design, all wishes of home owners were taken into account. And this influenced the number of rooms in the house, their configuration, stylistic direction and other aspects. All interior solutions emphasize especially the architectural plan of the building.

Entrance Design

Hall design perfectly reflects the impeccable taste of home owners and their love of new things. The interior designer offered graceful improvisation with space geometry. The basis of this geometry is luxurious decor of floors and ceilings. Carved patterns on the marble floor gracefully repeated outlines of niches with lighting on the ceiling. Furniture became a very bright accent as well. Furthermore, in every new project, we give a great opportunity to our customers to order furniture directly from the manufacturer.

Living room design

In the luxurious and comfortable atmosphere, the friendly family can enjoy pleasant moments of relaxation. The lightness and freshness of the living room interior are due to the light palette of pastel shades. Windows decoration, wall and ceilings decor, furniture reflect some elegance of the modern classic style.

In this project, you can see a very clear fusion of European and Oriental traditions. Modern interior design by Antonovich Design Studio is a look into the future and wonderful improvisation with styles and cultural heritage. One of the directions in the work on this project was Majlis design. Every detail of every design solution underlines that in this family traditions are honoured and their love of the Eastern culture.

Dinning room design

There is no finer way to emphasize the warmth and hospitality of house owners than to have a large dining room. Dining room design in this project was the continuation of the Majlis interior. A large table and plenty of luxury padded chairs with noble backs are always ready to accommodate a large number of guests. Thus, the dining room design emphasizes the open character of the home owners.

Master bedroom design

Master bedroom design became an oasis for home owners. They can enjoy their rest in a luxurious and cozy atmosphere. Here the designers harmoniously combined curtains, a great bed, ceilings and walls decor. All created to make our customers feel an absolute comfort. 

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