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Apartments Interior design in Dubai

Luxury Antonovich Design is a studio that does wonders. Here, typical apartments transformed into apartments, as if descended from the pages of a glossy magazine, and cottages become luxurious palaces. If you are still thinking about whether you need the services of an interior designer, simply take a look at the work done by talented pros. Doubts will immediately disappear, and you will become one of the clients of the Luxury Antonovich Design.

Designer Katrina Antonovich - an artist, and architect and even more

The creation of beautiful interiors is taught, but in order to uniquely design space, you need talent. A real pro is a competent planner and a knowledgeable foreman, a brilliant artist, and a little wizard. The services of a designer in Dubai are a wonderful transformation of your house or apartment. Turning to the studio Luxury Antonovich Design, each client can count on an excellent result. Guaranteed. The services of the designer are not only the development of the "dream interior", which will fully embody the bold and creative imaginations of the client. Profi will think about ergonomics and functionality, will pick up finishing materials and furniture. The Luxury Antonovich Design creates not only exquisite and relevant but very comfortable interiors, they will ideally match the characteristics of the premises. The studio will develop sketches that will give a clear idea of how the transformed space will look. One of the services of the Luxury Antonovich Design - 3D-visualization is a three-dimensional image that can be changed if needed. If you do not like how the lighting design is organized or the furniture is arranged, the designer can easily change it. Like everything else. Its task is to create not only an ideal interior that corresponds to all the canons of a certain style. Profi will arrange a comfortable and cozy room. Working with a talented designer - a creative tandem. The price of interior designer services in Dubai is quite affordable, which distinguishes the Luxury Antonovich Design among the others bureau. For the pros of the studio, the positive emotions of the customers are important, which they express after they have seen the "interior of their dreams". This is what motivates further creativity and development. Turning to the office, you can count on the fact that the interior designed by the designers will be unique. Have you decided that you will design your apartment, townhouse, mansion or cottage with talented experts? Prices of the services of an interior designer are guaranteed to please, and the result of the work of a talented professional will pleasantly surprise.

The Luxury Antonovich Design - designing the interiors of your dreams

Interior design is an important stage in creating a masterpiece - an ideally designed space. At the Luxury Antonovich Design for you will not only be developed a detailed design project, which will take into account all the nuances, from the detailed layout of the space to the number of finishing materials. Each client can expect that it will be exclusive. Design and interior design - not just work, but the real art, which mastered in the studio Luxury Antonovich Design.

Creation of a unique design project - is a creative process

With the help of computer programs, absolutely anyone can develop the interior of an apartment or a cottage. But will it be unique? Most likely, it will become a reiteration of a certain pattern and will not be able to express your personality. That is why it is more reasonable to entrust the interior design of a house or apartment to professionals. Turning to the Luxury Antonovich Design, you can count on the fact that designers will not only follow all the canons of your chosen style but will bring creative notes to the design of space. The design studio of interior design creates real masterpieces, it is enough only to get acquainted with the portfolio of executed works. Work on each project is a painstaking process because it is necessary to take into account many important nuances. Turning to the studio, you can count on the complete package of documentation required for repair work, detailed drawings and sketches. The Luxury Antonovich Design make 3D-visualization of interiors, in which you can not only see the future masterpiece but make changes in the design of space. Ordering the design of the interior of buildings or apartments, you will get exactly what you have always dreamed of - ideally decorated premises. The design project created by the Luxury Antonovich Design is guaranteed not to be similar to the templates found on the Internet pages. It will reflect your personality and fit the characteristics of the premises. How to create a unique design project? The architectural design of interiors requires precision, extensive knowledge, and creative approach. That's why the work must be done by not just pros, but talented artists. The package of documentation required to create a unique design is engineering communications drawings, redesign sketches, properly selected materials, etc. Professionals Luxury Antonovich Design will inspect the property in detail and listen to your wishes, and only after that, they will begin careful project development. Ordering the interior design of an apartment in the design studio, you can count on an excellent result. The premises will be designed in accordance with your wishes, current trends and features of their configuration. Designers will help to choose furniture, accessories, decoration materials. Immediately after the development of the design project, work will begin, which will be completed in the shortest possible time.

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