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Architectural designs Pakistan

Luxury Antonovich Design Studio develops projects around the world.

In our projects, we take into account  cultural traditions, customer preferences, as well as a region, where a project will be implemented. This author's architectural project was designed for valued customers from Africa. A modern style and unique architectural solutions became a basis of an expressive image of this house and its surrounding area.

Colors solutions are directly related to the villa’s location. Bright sunlight forms a deep shadow over the relief of the building. Therefore, the designers proposed less contrasting and monochrome color scheme. A game of light and shadows defines a unique plastics of the building. And at a different time of a day, the architectural image changes its character. All solutions contribute to a proper visual perception. All three-dimensional shapes are in a perfect harmony.

The modern style is all about light perception and laconism. The authors of the project have created a harmonious combination of three-dimensional forms of the building. In this project, rectangular shapes dominate. Also, there are ideal proportions of structural elements.

A rhythm of the building is directly connected with an arrangement of the territory around it. The owners of the luxury villa in Abuja wanted to get their luxurious oasis. Therefore, in the project we paid a great attention to swimming pools and ponds around the house. In projects, the architecture firm uses the latest technology. All water facilities are designed with the latest lighting systems, water purification and filtration.

The architectural design emphasizes an elite status of the house owners, that modern and active people live here, who care about their health and love sport. A part of the project became a playground and a large swimming pool.

Green architecture by Luxury Antonovich Design is a creation of a comfortable and environmentally friendly housing, taking into account innovations. We create the future of luxury and comfort for true connoisseurs  of elite interiors.

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