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Architecture design for home in loft

Modern interior design has a lot of styles and trends, where prevails free layout, a maximum of open space, light, and air.One of the most popular, nowadays, is a bright and original loft style in the interior premises.

The style loft designed for practical, modern, creative young people who appreciate the freedom and space without limits.

The creation of such interior does not require large financial costs, complex construction and repair works, purchase of new items of décor and furniture.The concept, flight of imagination, creative approach to the design of living space is important here. Even many modern celebrities give preference to this style in interior design. It is ideal for parties, exhibitions, presentations.  The interior of the loft style came to us from New York - the most fashionable and largest metropolis of America.It appeared at the beginning of the last century, in the 40s.In those days, in New York,  a huge number cheap square meters appeared - it was abandoned factories, warehouses, factories, lofts, the upper floors of buildings. Such housing has gained special popularity among young couples, not rich artists, musicians and creative people.
The first workshops and studios, loft-style appeared in Manhattan.It was an ode to the free space without walls and partitions, minimalism and brevity in everything, creative and original approach to the design of living spaces.The formation of the features this style is influenced by the legendary Andy Warhol.He strongly contributed to the popularization of this trend and been active in promoting the interior in the style of a loft among creative people in New York.

A distinctive feature of the loft style in the design of the modern interior, it is the same manner as before - a combination of old and recent trends, roughness and elegant chic.

Open space without nooks, corners, and partitions. All space of premises should be perfectly viewable from anywhere in the apartment or house.Isolated rooms in this style - toilet, bathroom, storage and utility rooms. The huge space is not cluttered, considered an ideal space of 100 square meters and more. High ceilings and large windows from floor to ceiling. The abundance of light and air.It is worth to take care of the natural and the artificial lighting. Combining fashionable expensive furniture and appliances with vintage elements and antiques. Interior decoration. Relevant to the loft style in the interior design is the brickwork, an abundance of natural wood, metal, glass, concrete. Color solution. The main colors of this style - gray, white, brown, black, beige. Bright and rich colors are not quite appropriate for this style, but such palette welcome in the decor and accessories. A creative approach to the design of the premises.To the loft style inherent creative solutions and original themed decor: advertising posters, posters, street graphic elements, signs, road signs, beautiful black and white photographs, abstract paintings, sculptures, contemporary paintings. Current trend and feature of the loft style in the arrangement of the decor in the room.Paintings, especially big, just put to the walls, not hanged. The most important thing - to create the basis, that is, get rid of unnecessary partitions and walls. A space zoning using proper lighting, furniture, ceiling beams, bilateral racks, glass or mobile partitions, screens.
For Loft style in interior design requires a maximum of space, wide windows without curtains, a minimum interior finishing. Special attention is paid to the choice of furniture.Suitable luxury expensive furniture, hand-made of natural wood, creatively designed furniture, and antiques. It should not be much, just basic things.However, the furniture, typical for loft style - fairly large.  The presence of the latest consumer electronics is inherent in modern style Loft. Huge plasma TVs, unusual ultra modern appliances, powerful acoustical systems, chrome cooking surfaces and appliances for the kitchen.

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