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Kitchen Interior Design

People always want to have something special in their lives. And the life of modern man is held, or at work, or at home. Even if most of the time have to spend on business trips, offices or any places, the people return home always. In the house, everyone begins to realize that he needs  the comfort and convenience of premium cuisine, with its incredible originality.  On the creation of Best interior design kitchen works a whole team of designers and architects Luxury Antonovich Design. They need to calculate in detail the elements of the furniture, to harmonize the space in which the furniture will be and the more thoroughly consider the overall design of the room with all the little things, originality of the  model,  to choose  upholstery for a dining area.  Ordering Best interior design kitchen, people are paying costly for proper embodiment  their  dreams  in life. Not always for their whims, namely the desire to perfection all over in the kitchen, so that the place  not "eaten" by furniture, and the desired style pleased  eyes  by 100%, plus no doubt that we use in projects only the best materials. Deciding to buy shoes from the fashion designer, everyone pays for the brand. But the expensive kitchens are created by the same analogy. Our salon just makes your dream achievable.

Kitchen Interior Design from Luxury Antonovich Design

The answer to this question lies in all the synonyms to the word premium: stylish, luxury, expensive kitchen, and so on. Most importantly, the premium kitchens are always the development of unique design, created by taking into consideration all customer requirements. If you want more precise, these are the kitchens that have no analogs and copies.
Not all is  that simple with materials. As a rule, not veneered panels  for premium kitchens are used, namely wood, which is more expensive. Often, the customer chooses also furniture accessories under the order. For example, the kitchen in the English style is complemented by custom made forged handles, brackets, hardened Murano glass.Or for "Provence" kitchen offers a true pottery with painted to the smallest  details and decorative inserts. If you want to patination, it will be performed exactly like  the aging process  as it was in  furniture manufacturers   from Italy   where it was invented in the immemorial year.

Best interior design kitchen is a complete project, which includes:

  • site visits
  • measuring and photo fixation
  • at least four variants of planning decisions
  • completion of the final version
  • redevelopment
  • measurement drawing creation
  • plan  of partitions  dismantling
  • construction plan of partitions (mounting plan)
  • the redevelopment plan, with furniture placement
  • the redevelopment plan, with furniture arrangement with dimensions
  • redevelopment plan considering plumbing
  • ceiling plan with the placement of lighting equipment
  • plan of arrangement switches
  • plan of placement  groups sockets  and low-voltage networks
  • plan of placement of the underfloor heating
  • plan of placement of door openings and doors specification   

The implementation of the design project

By the way, about the implementation of the design project - after you receive it from interior designer, at this step, the repair process is not finished. It  has just started! There is still a lot of hours of work - selection of materials, monitoring the stages of repair and workers,  control of the smallest details . In this activity consumed a huge amount of time and effort, so that the most competent decision to give supervision over the process to the person who has done for you design project. Actually, that is why supervision is called designer's supervision. Advantages of this approach are obvious - you get a perfectly matching to  drawings repair and design with minimum time consuming. The designer will ensure  that you get home of your dreams ready in time and in the best quality.

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