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Best Interior Designer UAE

Best interior designer in UAE Katrina Antonovich can assure you that when you love what you do you automatically do what you love, and thus you can achieve high results. She feels pleased about being able to have a complete vision for space.

The Emirate had a positive impact on Katrina Antonovich as a human being and was a tremendous inspiration for my art. For her, Dubai is the city of dreams. The people have the vision and you can see the possibilities here. This society is a living picture of what is much needed in today’s global reality. Dubai embraces it all. In spite of the tremendous development the people have had a unique ability to maintain their own culture, they are faithful to their history.

A beautifully decorated interior of Katrina Antonovich not only functions well but it creates a mood or a feeling and shows off the personality of the family that lives there.

It's attention to these three important ingredients — function, mood, and personality — that ensures decorating success.

When she thinks of "home sweet home," the first word that comes to her mind is cozy. Therefore, She has learned that comfort is key. Making customer`s home cozy is the main thing. Your space should be inviting and comfortable.

Best interior should reflect who you are. If someone were to walk into your home, they should know that it’s yours. The best way to achieve this is by including accessories that reveal your hobbies and interests. Katrina Antonovich learns about the customers, their vision, lifestyle, and identify the challenges they may be facing with their space. Her goal is to tend to the unique needs of every client by offering exceptional furniture and accessories as well as custom interior design solutions.

Favorite home decors of Katrina Antonovich are those that reflect the experience of the owners.

One of the best ways to make a space truly yours is to make it reflect those experiences in beautiful and practical ways, too.

Katrina Antonovich thinks both drawing and sculpturing are important things. But these things are different.

Drawing is the skill to use lines and shapes to create a pleasing composition which shows depth, contrast, light, and shadow and gives the impression of dimension. Sculpting is a fascinating way to bring character and all kinds of organic shapes to life.

When she makes something, she often does several drawings to see how it should look or to figure out if it will even work.

Katrina Antonovich love art. She could probably equally say, "I live art." She spends every day of my life thinking about art, working with art, and communicating with art lovers.

Interior designer learned to love the transformative power of artwork. It’s a real kick to deliver artwork to a customer’s home and see how that artwork dramatically changes the atmosphere of that home. It’s equally amazing to see how the home changes the art.

Katrina Antonovich thinks our future is becoming a reality today. We have reached a high level, we can offer customers the creation of high-end housing everywhere in the world, from the unique idea to the full implementation. In this area, Luxury Antonovich Design is rapidly developing.

She likes to believe I will still be working on the creative side of her business.

Her business dream is that her company will become more successful and recognized in the interior sector.  

A great graphic designer is very creative and can come up with new and exciting ideas for designs. He has an excellent sense of vision and can grasp what it is a client is asking for. A great designer can visualize the result and set a clear goal.

The main thing is style. The graphic designer is distinguished by creative concepts, ideas, and arrangements for visually communicating a specific message.

It depends on the customer. What She love the most in design is the special relationship between the designer and the client. Katrina Antonovich thinks that have to analyze the customer, to learn from them, and to listen very carefully. When you focus on your customer, every project is a new unique and exciting experience.

Katrina Antonovich created a combination of Classic and Modern styles.

When a client comes to Luxury Antonovich Design, they initially express a particular result they wish to achieve in regards to how their home should look, or at least a direction. From there, we talk about existing furniture they want to keep and put together a visual presentation that's outlined room by room. We always know that we will find a right option and come to a quick decision.

Katrina Antonovich likes to work with all customers. Every customer is individual so anyway it’s a big experience for her.

Luxury Antonovich Design work with a high-end clientele. Its always pleasure to create the project for real connoisseurs and see when this project meets customer`s expectation.

Katrina Antonovich prefers designers and architects who have passed the test of time. The works of which became the property of the history of classical style, Victorian and Baroque. There are so many names to list them in one interview. The creativity of the Baroque period in France and Italy is incredibly fascinating. A significant influence on my creativity also has the culture of the Oriental countries. It's not just styles and directions, and it's a profound philosophy that can endlessly inspire you.

The creative interior designers Luxury Antonovich Design make interior spaces functional, safe, and beautiful by determining space requirements and selecting decorative items, such as colors, lighting, and materials.

 Culture has a significant impact on the formation of interior design. Creating an atmosphere of mystique, fantasy and no-holds-barred luxury are what Arabic interior design does best. Bold use of color is what stands out most when it comes to Arabian-influenced decorating. The tones are generally earthy, with liberal use of rich reds, golds and oranges. The walls, floors, furnishings and art – everything contributes deep colour to a space. Think warm and luxurious.

Europe is a rich and diverse flock of design customs, some of which date back a few centuries. But its still a use of modern trends and approaches.

Yes, Katrina Antonovich realized that it is her passion. Her aim was to create spaces within a home that are not only designated for specific purposes, but spaces that work on their own as well as have a seamless flow with the rest of the house. Spaces that are beautiful and practical in both function and form.

Creation of design studio It was very natural and harmonious process. Katrina Antonovich has always been fond of creativity and beauty of the surrounding world. She studied this interesting science in my younger years. She has improved her knowledge in the architectural academy of St. Petersburg, as well as in England and France. And now, She continues to learn new things, devoting to the work my talent and all creative inspiration.

Yes, Katrina Antonovich started my business in the Emirate alone. Interior design and architecture became the main business of my life. Since my young years, She was fascinated by design and everything connected with it. She studied this art in St. Petersburg, the world capital of the palatial luxury. And Luxury Antonovich Design Studio opening became an expected event that happened in 2002. Today, the head office of the company is located in Dubai. And we are happy to provide our services all over the world.

The style Katrina Antonovich work in is a great improvisation with such fashion styles as classic, art deco and modern, which are all about the uniqueness of forms, rich decorations, rich colours and a perfect harmony. This is the design, which is ahead of its time and sets new trends, which will be fashionable in a few years and they may be given new names too. And now customers have a unique opportunity to get the luxury, which represents the flight in the future.

Katrina Antonovich works with different styles, but she maintains a recognizable touch to my work. Ultimately, she loves creating homes that are elegant yet keeping them interesting, comfortable to live in, and punctuated with a twist of the unexpected/unusual style. She always holds to unity, harmony, balance, rhythm. They represent the main approach on how to arrange composition and create a successful design.

Katrina Antonovich wants that her customers will love their home

Every day her eyes are open to the world around me, taking in color, light, texture, shape. The design is her passion. Everything can be inspiring. It is how you look at the world. She inspired by every project I have worked on, by every city I have traveled to, by every book I have read, by every art show I have seen. But the main point, her customers inspire me. And by their dreams about their perfect home.

It’s a beautiful occupation to be a designer – to get to design things that people have daily relationships or association with.

When doing interior design it is necessary to think of the house as a totality; a series of spaces linked together by halls and stairways. It is therefore appropriate that a typical style and theme runs throughout. This is not to say that all interior design elements should be the same but they should work together and complement each other to strengthen the whole composition. A way to create this theme or story line is with the well considered use of color. Color schemes in general are an excellent way to unify a collection of spaces.

Katrina Antonovich bring out creativity; She has a keen eye for design and experience life visually by taking in all the elements that create our world: colors, shapes, forms, materials, etc. So with each new client, it is a new experience, a new vision, a new inspiration that I can express my creativity through.

Today the choice of materials and textures opens up virtually unlimited space for creativity. Of course, she likes luxurious fabrics a lot. After all, the possibilities of new technologies help to implement the most daring ideas with these materials. Katrina Antonovich loves to improvise with different materials and textures, use non-standard techniques. Her clients receive the exclusive design. The design, which they can not get anywhere. This is a special feature of work Luxury Antonovich Design, i.e. to provide a truly unique design.

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