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Contemporary bungalow designs

Bungalow designs - a small one-story house with beautiful and spacious verandas are reflected in the interiors of modern homes. Many believe that bungalows of American style, although it originated, in fact, in India, and for a long time - in the nineteenth century. However, houses projects like one-storey houses spread rapidly around the world and architectural styles bungalows have become vary by ethnic characteristics and features that home have in a particular country.  The distinguishing characteristic of a beautiful bungalow designs in Nigeria - it is horizontal by the location. Often it is a one-storey house, although there are also some options with a mansard.The planning of bungalow has one central room, around which all the others are located bungalow house design.Typical is also a small area of the corridors in the beautiful bungalow designs and variety of shelves and niches in the walls. The roof is usually flat.

Bungalow by its style could be California projects of cottages - these have sloping roofs, which are supported by columns, spacious verandas.

Chicago bungalows usually build of bricks, have a large full basement, but they have a narrow facade. The roof of the house can be made in the form of a tent, attic has a pointy protruding part, and yet the house has a large porch.  Spanish projects of houses and cottages the bungalow type differ by a low sloping roof with red tiles, carved doors, arched doorways, and windows, using of decorative tiles and forged parts for decoration.  In Dutch bungalow, roofing of polygonal lines, with a loft.A small additional roof window is on the last level rather for decorative purposes best bungalow designs. The very construction is usually made of brick or siding  modern bungalow designs in Nigeria.  This is quite simple - the style of the interior is able to fill the house is not only with comfort and coziness, but also allows you to correctly use the usable area.The thing is that one of the main criteria for a bungalow style - this rationality.Proper methods can fill the room with functional furnishings, and to clear as much space as possible.

The architectural designs for bungalows plays a major role in creating the interior in a bungalow style.

As mentioned earlier, those houses do not differ large dimensions (except the porch and backyard) besides, they categorically not have the second floor, that to some extent can save funds for the construction of such houses.  The internal layout of the house focus around the living room.The living room in the middle of the house and around it are located the other rooms bungalow house designs in Nigeria. Often useful for saving space in the architecture of the houses in a bungalow style to include many built-in niches.  The furniture in the modern bungalow design style is characterized by simplicity and functionality. A mandatory criterion is the use of natural materials for its production. It can be as natural wood furniture and wicker furniture.In no case should not be to fill the room with massive bulky items of furniture. As a rule, in the architecture of the house in the bungalow style already provided a number of niches and built-in wardrobes, so you can safely refuse from such details of the Nigeria bungalow designs, as well as from chests of drawers.  As for the upholstered furniture and beds, it is often, these pieces of furniture have not only a simple appearance but also a low landing. It looks very harmoniously, given the overall small size of rooms in general.  Choosing furniture for the interior in the style of bungalows do not forget about coloring. In the selection, pay attention better on light colors, for example, sand or straw color.This color scheme will add visual space the room, as well as improve natural lighting. Dark furniture fronts appropriate will look only in the kitchen. But also you have to dilute it with bright accessories.

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