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Best living room furniture

If you know exactly what you want, and you have a steady looks, taste, your style is classics. The table must be convenient for eating. The chair should be comfortable for a long time. A sofa is simply obliged to back your body. The elbows of the chair should support the shoulder so that your costume will not bulge, and you look perfect.

The living room furniture sets in the classical style is a highly functional furniture that is designed carefully for certain procedure of the daily life, without any features or senseless solutions.

These things are made manually in most cases. At least, everything that you see in front of you that is not hidden from the eyes, the Italian masters make with their hands. Now, the production of the inner frame on the modern equipment is permitted, but the finishing is produced exclusively by rule of thumb as two hundred years ago. The classical living room is always unique by its sight, because a vivid personality creates it, not a robot. Dyeing, varnish, woodcarving and gold leaf coating, or silver, is produced not on the equipment, but arms, the old way, and so there may be the slightest difference. This nuance is appreciated in Italy because the buyers have a product, which is different from each other.

The Italian living room furniture sets in a modern style; it is a way of expression in its own territory. Here, all rules are canceled. You can create your own environment that is as like as chalk and cheese with the well-established concept. On the one hand you want to arrange a place to receive guests, but who says that this cannot be done while sitting on the floor. Here, a traditional coffee table will play the role of the dining room table, and instead of the sofa - cushions under the bottom.

This style has no time limits and certain traditions. Everything is new, something that has not been before. You have the ability to create your own project, which no one has never seen. It will be a living room in a modern style. Moreover, if you use the products of the Italian manufacturers, you will get just three-in-one - the original appearance, excellent quality and a wide range of self-realization. How to buy furniture for the living room

You can buy furniture for the living room, ordered in the catalog on our website of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design.

First, you need to choose your favorite model, and then contact our consultants. We deliver furniture directly on the side. Every plant has its terms of manufacturing and delivery. All furniture is designed taking into account your preferences. Our company works under customized. An individual approach is also possible. Choose a style on our website. Come to our showroom and look the catalogs. Call us and ask about the price. Write us to assert yourself in the desire. We have the best conditions of purchase of the living room furniture sets


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