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Luxury Curtains

Luxury curtains without a doubt can be called the main element of the interior. No modern and trendy house can be imagined without a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing decoration of window openings. In order to the room take a harmonious and finished look, special attention should be paid to the choice of luxury curtains and the design of luxury curtains. There is a huge variety of colors and materials for curtains, so as not to get lost in a huge assortment and not get into a mess, it's worth talking to the professionals, such as the Luxury Antonovich Design Studio.

Design luxury curtains - how to make it be beautiful?

Manufacturers of sewing curtains cope with orders of any complexity and create a unique design of curtains. Design studio of luxury curtains the Luxury Antonovich Design is considered one of the best of its kind. We offer an adequate price-quality ratio when creating unique curtain designs.

A variety of options and types of curtains, which offers the salon Luxury Antonovich Design Studio is amazing. A huge assortment will allow each person who decorating his home to choose really what he wants. Today, luxury curtains can be chosen based not only on your tastes but also depending on the type of rooms, their lighting, and style.

Design of luxury curtains for the living room

Curtains in the room, where all the members of the family gather and guests come, are of special importance in creating a general appearance. Properly tailored sewing curtains will complement and emphasize the dignity of the room. Often for curtains in the living room choose a classic style of decoration - tulle curtains around the whole window with thick curtains on the sides. The French and Italian models of curtains with lambrequin fit perfectly into the interior. You can order for the living room the manufacture of curtains on the eyelets, which allow you to distinguish the cornice as a separate design element. More and more popular is the multi-layered design of the curtains. Numerous folds of light fabric create the effect of the presence of several layers of material. Fashionable for today are products with bizarre shapes and styles of saturated natural hues.

Luxury Curtains for bedroom

To sew custom-made curtains for the bedroom, you need to choose fabrics of calm, warm tones made from natural materials. Luxury curtains in the bedroom, as in other rooms, must correspond to the general style of the room. For classical design, sophisticated draperies and lambrequins are suitable. In the country style bedroom, lightweight fabrics with minimal decor are appropriate.

We also offer you the following services:

  • Custom tailoring of curtains
  • Dry cleaning of curtains at home
  • Selection of fabrics for curtains
  • Selection of cornices for curtains
  • Selection of accessories for the interior
  • Visit of the designer

Wishing to make the home interior as stylish as possible, many giving special importance to the design of luxury curtains and correctly do. But each of our potential customers, striving to place an order, is interested in the best price offer. Of course, the purchase of ready-made textiles will be much cheaper than individual tailoring. Tailoring and luxury curtain design cost a lot of money, but the results will be stunning and will please every single customer.

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