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Curtains Dubai

The fastest way to transform your interior, adding bright colors, new experience, and luxurious motives is definitely to order new curtains. Curtains for a living room, curtains for a bedroom and other rooms in a house or apartment, created by textile designers of Luxury Antonovich Design, are characterized by a unique charm and perfection. Luxurious velvet shade of sapphire shimmers under the light of chandeliers.

The saturated fabric is perfect for exquisite embroidery by metallic threads, which also decorated a broad rim. For the harmonious window decoration, grabs in soft colors with large tassels will be ideal. Soft folds gracefully cascade down to the floor, the laconic cornice is decorated with original ivory. Juicy shades and rich curtains decor are subtly complemented with translucent milky tulle.

Textile design in modern interiors plays a significant role. Flawless elegance and grace are fashionable now. A textile designer needs to master knowledge about current trends in the production of fabrics and accessories for curtains. The experts of  Luxury Antonovich Design Studio will help you not to get lost in this beautiful variety of fabrics, textures, accessories, mounting methods and other components in the windows design. Accessories and fittings make the windows look completed and perfect. Excellent tight grabs will securely retain the curtain, and drapery folds will remain in perfect condition for a long time.

Soft holders can become more beautiful, thanks to the new decor. It can be inlaid with Swarovski crystals or beautiful fabric roses. Stylish windows design can make colors contrasts. When the color of curtains and grabs exquisitely contrast with each other. And if you want the windows to be unique and luxurious, the designers of Luxury Antonovich Design will develop exclusive options.

We make curtains for luxury interiors with bright and unique design solutions. In an ideal interior, there should be excellent windows.


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