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Home decor in Nigeria.

Natural wood and glass - the oldest materials, which are widely used in the construction of buildings and finishing of interiors. In modern construction, there are new technologies, which enhance possibilities of applying and processing of these materials. However, their popularity and appearance have changed little even for hundreds of years.  The interior is decorated using glass and natural wood has always been considered a sign of wealth, style, good social status, excellent taste. These materials are versatile. They can be used for the walls and for interior decoration, and in the manufacture of furniture and decor. Items made of wood can complement and emphasize the design ideas in the interior and can be used as an independent unit.The same situation is with glass items in interior design.  Creating modern interiors is impossible without the use of natural wood and glass. The highest quality, safety, and durability are still considered these two materials. They meet all the requirements, and, subject to the competent care, serve for many decades without losing the aesthetics and its characteristics.

Glass in the interior

Modern glass - is a versatile and very durable material that has been applied almost everywhere. It is used for furniture, partitions, floors, doors, windows, interior partitions, decorative elements, shelves and other things. It is not afraid of blows, scratches, temperature changes, humidity, exposure to chemicals.Glass can be transparent or a frosted, decorated with paintings, stones, ornaments, pictures.One of the latest fashion trends in home design - the creation of open spaces, too, can not do without this material.The glass is used to create transparent, weightless and beautiful partitions.It does not reduce, but on the contrary, visually increases the volume and area of the premises, and the design becomes an original, stylish and very fashionable. Glass practical, easy to clean, durable, environmentally friendly.

Wood in the interior

Possibilities of use of wood in a modern interior - are endless. This is the natural material, without which it is simply impossible to imagine any living space. Wood gives to the apartment and the house incomparable charm. And creates a harmonious atmosphere of warmth and comfort. It is used to make floors, walls, ceilings, doors, window frames, furniture and other things.  Natural wood - an excellent sound insulator, it is easy to process, has a low weight, good strength, beautiful appearance, low heat conductivity. In modern construction and design used, mainly hardwood. They all have a wide range of textures and colors, from light almost white species of natural wood to dark-cherry and even black. Now widely used exotic woods that have quite original colors.

Tandem glass and wood in the interior

Glass and wood can be used to create a modern interior in any style. The main thing to choose the right colors and well fit into the overall concept. Experienced designers skillfully inscribe these materials in the interiors of modern buildings, creating an eco-friendly, useful, safe and beautiful residential areas. The modern design is very fashionable to use natural wood and glass.Latest trend - exclusive furniture in solid glass or wood.These materials are very popular when creating the popular eco-style and modern classical style in interiors of living premises.

Home decor in Nigeria.

Home design in Nigeria.

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exterior design in Nigeria

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