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House designs in Nigeria

Every design decision Luxury Antonovich Design Studio is an emotional splash of inspiration. Each project becomes  a reflection of the dream that we see in our customers. This House design in Nigeria has the special charm of warmth, comfort, gloss and glamor.The first epithet that could  be  applied to home design - a "delicious interior." Designers have not stinted on the pleasant hues of chocolate and cocoa. House design in Nigeria reflects the intertwining of modern classics and art deco.

The living room decorating ideas is characterized by:

  • The successful combination of colors and textures
  • The use of lighting accents
  • Exclusive furniture design

Living room designs from the best design studio in Dubai is always fully reflect the high status of the villas owners , their friendly character, and understanding of beauty. In this project, villa designs in Niger underlines particular fashion trends in interior design. Large living room on the first floor of the villa is divided into two zones. In one part of space are welcoming guests.  So here the main decoration of the interior living room stands furniture . Soft sofas occupied almost the entire perimeter of the room along the walls. They are upholstered in velvet of  caramel hue.Silk cushions with handmade embroidery charmingly complement theirs.

Design studio in Nigeria offers something more than just interior design. Part of the work on this project was the development of a family logo. This logo has become a part decorations of tableware, textiles,and elements of landscape design. Family respectability delicately underlined by embroidery on the cushions in the living room. At the center of the room is a luxurious couch. This exclusive development  of Luxury Antonovich Design design studio.Two poufs connected to each other in the form of eight. The role of the backs is  performing by round pyramid of soft quilted upholstery. The pleasant chocolate hue of the couch echoes with silk curtains in chocolate tones.

Another creative design solution for a villa project became wall decor. Boiserie filled with textile panels of velvet. They are framed by strips of dark wood valuable species, which is covered with varnish. Interior decoration is full of original methods. Stylish geometry characteristic for a decoration of the ceiling and floor. The floor in the living room is decorated with natural carpet with geometric patterns. The ceiling is divided into several niches with inserts made of solid wood. Crystal chandelier, spotlights, and lighting lines provide different illumination depending on the time of day. The exquisite look has open shelves for family relics, which framed by the frame made of polished brass. Living room decorating ideas reflects impeccable taste and understanding of beauty by owners.

House design in Nigeria sets a festive and cozy atmosphere of the interior in which wants to get aesthetic pleasure.

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