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Houses in Kenya Nairobi

Designers and decorators of the Architectural Bureau Luxury Antonovich Design are pleased to offer you their help in embodiment your dream about a beautiful and comfortable interior of the apartment or the architectural design of a modern country house. The interior design project of any complexity, developed by designers, architects, and decorators of our architectural bureau, will satisfy the most demanding client. And experienced in the design of modern interiors of restaurants, bars, and cafes staff of the Architectural Bureau Luxury Antonovich Design will successfully implement your business projects.

An elegantly composed composition of architectural forms, furniture, art objects, and everyday life items In the design project of the interior of a country house, apartment or restaurant, the most challenge is. The architectural bureau perfectly copes with this objective with the help of our suppliers and manufacturers of furniture, lamps, and accessories. These pleasant "things" will make your interior warm, lively and comfortable.

Our principles:

We are inspired by the natural and urban context, tasks and features of the project, we see in them the key to architecture and its main potential.
We create unique architectural solutions, starting with a bright idea and a strong image, transfiguring the surrounding space.
We offer bold and effective solutions, use the latest trends in architecture and technology. We see traditional functions in a new way.
In each project, we aim to complex tasks, involving the best partners, together we look for the answer to the question: how can the place /city /environment be improved with the help of this project?
We make architecture, forming a new quality environment. We are revitalizing the territories and cities, launching points of growth of a new way of life.

The complex process of design and construction of a modern country house for an architectural bureau, for any architect, will always be one of the most difficult and interesting challenges. You can look through the projects performed by the architectural bureau in just a few minutes while designing and building a modern country house takes months and years. Together with you, architects and designers of the architectural bureau start from the first sketches to the detailed architectural design of the modern house, as co-authors and employees in the process of architectural and engineering design. I believe that involving the customer in the architectural design process should be the starting point for the formation of a creative philosophy and strategy of a team development of talented architects, designers, and engineers united in the Architectural Bureau Katrina Antonovich.

The project of a modern country house - for an architectural bureau is not a set of documents, but a living organism that needs to be birth and grow. And work on a house project can be considered complete only when a fireplace is lit in the living room and the family sits at the dinner table. Therefore, the main principle of the architectural bureau - no standard solutions, individuality, and exclusivity in every project of a modern house.

The interests and capabilities of the architectural bureau are not limited to the design of modern country houses, interior design is the forte of our team. Many years of experience in the design and decoration of modern homes allows the architectural bureau to cope with the challenges of any complexity.  The architectural bureau is a team of architects, designers, and engineers, so the modern houses designed and built are not only beautiful and comfortable but, above all, durable. Architecture is science which laws of development are similar to mathematics. And if at the school level basic knowledge is available to most, then at the peak of maturity, the highest level is available to a few. This is the most valuable period when technical knowledge does not control the architect but become the necessary assistant.

The order of the project in the architectural bureau Luxury Antonovich Design is a guarantee of high professionalism and experience.


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