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Interior decoration

Luxury and refined glamor of the classic kitchen  will suit those who appreciate elegant luxuriance, the confidence of wealthy man , and refined taste.

Kitchen in classical style - is a magnificent and beautiful interior that will never go out of style.

For Interior decoration in a classic style is more suitable large or medium in size kitchen with a high ceiling. Also, this style is suitable for an open-plan kitchen combined with a living room or dining room.Classic design - one of the most expensive design options of an apartment or house. For true design in the "classical" style fit only luxurious natural materials  , elegant furniture and magnificent luxury exquisite accessories.

Classic style - this is the epitome of comfort, sophistication, and respectability.

The colors of the furniture, typical of the classical style - a natural, natural colors: olive, brown, cognac, white, beige, chocolate, camel, dark green, blue, gray. The Interior decoration in a classic style is always present forged and carved elements, bronze, gilding, molding. Classic does not tolerate bright, flashy colors, artificial materials, negligence in the design, artsy, abstract patterns and shapes. Where is suitable rigor of furniture, restraint and even conservative in the selection of textiles and decorative items,  the image completeness.
Designed in classic style involves the use of luxurious fabric wallpaper, but this is not a practical option for the kitchen.For this room is suitable finishing materials such as veneer or expensive washable wallpaper with the floral or geometric pattern. Curbs, panels, moldings or "boiserie": to decorate the walls of the classical kitchen may also use sheathing panels of wood - this is an option for the luxury kitchen . This wall decoration will make your kitchen a truly aristocratic!

Furniture for the classic kitchen - is a wood, and luxurious upholstery fabrics, curved legs of tables, chairs, cabinets, decoration carved.

Table: dining table should be large and massive.Only natural materials and only natural colors: wood (usually of dark shades and from the valuable species).Chairs must be in harmony with the table. They can be completely wooden or may be with fabric or leather upholstery. High backrest, curved legs, broad seat.Kitchen furniture: again natural wood. If the kitchen in bright colors or not  spacious enough, it makes sense to choose a set of white, beige, light gray in color. Are acceptable glass cabinet doors, elegant furniture with gilding or silvered with a noble (apparent or not) aging-effect.Kitchen furniture can be decorated with carvings and stucco ornaments. Table top should also be made of natural materials: stone - marble, granite, or an array of valuable wood species.
The kitchen in classical style will look organically with the central chandelier made of metal with forged elements or a crystal chandelier. Are acceptable and others hanging chandeliers, "country", floral, Tiffany.  Chandelier should be massive, luxurious. As  auxiliary light sources can serve lamps With fabric shades (floor or table) or wall lamp, combined with the main chandelier. Have to be careful with backlight furniture and spotlights on the ceiling, and it is better to completely abandon this type of lamps in favor of a beautiful large chandelier or two or three hanging chandeliers.
Classical kitchen - is luxurious and refined space, when discreet glamor of quality combined with a well thought-out interior. This style is suitable not only to the adherents of the age-old traditions, leading a regular life, who value comfort and elegance but also for modern people! The intellectuals, connoisseurs of fine arts, history experts will be every day  enjoying the atmosphere of the kitchen.

Interior decoration

Kitchen in classical style

Classic interior

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