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Interior design in Lagos

Elite Interior Design Luxury Antonovich Design it means the exclusive - it could tell you all about its owner, and  the more professionally the work is done, the more interesting will be the story.

Elite interior design in Lagos - a space created exclusively for you!

VIP design from Luxury Antonovich Design - is the perfection of every detail.There is no place for fakes, falsity, and minor importance, there is a rule of harmony, proportion, and logic of the mutual influence of all things. A true luxury interior apartment or house should be similar to a luxurious exquisite picture  in which every touch of the brush like as if the artist complements the overall plot and makes it complete.  High standards of comfort and a special aesthetics, "luxury" class materials, authenticity, work of authorship, originality and attention to detail - that is what distinguishes this level of design from all other options.

We offer to you:

  • Highly professional work of specialists at all levels: the builders, 3D designers, visualizers, designers, decorators;
  • The highest level of service;
  • Supervision at all stages of the project;
  • Designing of interior projects, implementation of which always leads to the most unsurpassed results;
  • High-quality computer graphics (3D-visualization);
  • The supply of all necessary materials and furniture;
  • The coordination of all matters necessary for the redevelopment in public offices.

The professionalism of our team is proved not by  empty words, but by deeds, - real examples of already completed projects of  such  level will become the best proof of our impeccably fulfilled work. We have enough experience required so that performed by  our masters VIP interior was not only the object of your pride but also contribute to your psychological comfort. The exclusive design project, produced by our studio will create a dizzying impression on all guests of the house, and at the same time  be perceived by the owner as the familiar, natural and intrinsic to him the level of life.  We try to attend and actively participate in international exhibitions dedicated to this area, and the construction industry. This means that we know all the details of the latest modern technology and fashion trends.

We strive to work so that the result exceeded all your expectations!

Studio of elite interior Luxury Antonovich Design provides the exclusive design of villas interiors, hotels, restaurants, and offices in Lahore. We create the exclusive design of houses, villas, cottages, offices, hotels, restaurants, and shops, providing a full range of "turnkey" service from design to implementation. For us, quality is important, not the number of completed projects! That is why we likely not  just doing work, but creating masterpieces of unsurpassed luxury, comfort, beauty and practicality.
Here you can also order all work on the landscaping and architectural design of various types of difficulty - all work will be performed on time, with high quality and at a very reasonable price.  With us, your apartment, house or country house will become a reliable stronghold of storing  calm of its owner.  We work in the UAE, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Africa and Europe. If necessary, we will arrive to the site in any region of the world.





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