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Interior fit out companies in Dubai

We often face the situation when customers choosing a premise for a new office in modern business centers are considering options for renting premises with a base decoration or performing a full range of works on designing and building an office with specialized interior fit out companies in Dubai.

Having accumulated significant experience in implementing projects both for end users of offices and for development companies, we offer a look at this issue from the market of interior fit out companies in Dubai, which will allow us to determine objectively which of the options is more attractive and rational.

Best FIT-OUT from interior fit out companies in Dubai Luxury Antonovich Design

It's no secret that in the market of interior fit out companies in Dubai there is a stereotype about the high cost of high-quality services in the FIT-OUT segment, that is, the design, construction, finishing and engineering of internal premises for commercial real estate. This is especially true for modern high-quality facilities with a full range of engineering equipment. Nevertheless, in modern conditions, the facts say the opposite: renting premises (without finishing) and implementing the FIT-OUT project is less expensive, and most importantly a more profitable than renting an office with a developer's decor.

We note three most indicative factors in favor of choosing rooms of the FIT-OUT format.


The projects of FIT-OUT are divided into two main groups: the first is the "consumers" of offices, and the second, customers, are developers who bring their buildings to the market.The main difference between these directions is the approach to the selection of design, construction, finishing and engineering solutions.

In the case of the FIT-OUT project, the customer has a direct interest in the highest possible quality of work. As a result, all components of the project are elaborated in more details: planning, interior design, finishing materials, engineering equipment, which determines the high quality and durability of the office. For example, the technologies used by the Luxury Antonovich Design Studio make it possible to implement a project that will be modern and comfortable for more than 10 years.


Choosing a room with a finished decor is always a compromise. And the compromise is not in favor of business. Assuming that each business is unique, each company needs an individual workspace that fully meets its objectives and values.

Working on the layouts and the concept of staff placement, the project team of the Luxury Antonovich Design Studio takes into account the specifics of the customer and its development plans, offering as a result a solution that takes into account not only the current state of the client's business, but also the development of the company in the future, which significantly increases the efficiency of the office.

In a well-designed and high-quality office space, employee productivity grows by an average of 4-8%. In this case, the office becomes one of the main competitive qualities of the company in the eyes of the staff.

The advantages of FIT-OUT projects are obvious: the client receives a carte blanche for the project. He himself determines the design and filling of the project, based on his preferences, chooses the most rational and convenient layout, thereby realizing the most efficient office for himself.

The option of implementation of FIT-OUT projects is chosen by the majority of representatives of Fortune 500, whose corporate standards require companies to change their offices at least every 5-7 years, that is, during the payback period of the FIT-OUT project. This strategy allows you to maximize the use of office space resources on the one hand, with the most rational costs on the other.

Thus, the realities of the market of interior fit out companies in Dubai have destroyed almost all the arguments in favor of finished premises with furnishings. Of course, in the case of a need for a quick office relocation, such proposals remain attractive, while in other cases, the advantages of the approach for renting a room and implementing the FIT-OUT project are obvious.

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