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Child's room truly plays a huge role in the child's personality development. Matter how convenient, comfortable and pleasant to be in the room,  his willingness to learn, interest in life, the development of various skills and talents  often depends on it. It should be remembered that the children's room plays in the life your child the same role as the whole house in adult life.It serves him at the same time  a bedroom and living room and game, and for school-age children,  also a place to study. This the room should combine the best conditions for sleep, study and rest.

In order to a kids bedroom, possess all these qualities Luxury Antonovich Design Studio designers used a method of zoning (separation of the room into functional areas).

Typically, this room is divided into training zone, playing zone, as well as a relaxation area. However, be aware that  any of the options of Kids bedroom functional areas of the room must consider  the anatomical structure of child's body. After all, furniture for children is very different from the usual not only for its size but proportioned. The significant role in an equipment of a child's room belongs to the choice of lighting. Choosing sources of light, we must remember that the light spectrum, usually is yellow or blue glow. The yellow light is softer and calm for perception and blue creates a more vivid and intense daylight in the room. When choosing a particular type of lighting should take into account that light from one side should be sufficient for learning and drawing, and on the other hand, it should not be harsh and irritating. However, there should be no abrupt changes in the brightness of the room because it is harmful to the baby's health.

The overhead light in the room can be resolved traditionally - with the help of chandeliers,  design corresponding to a stylistic decision of the  room, and can be arranged with the help of false ceiling with embedded lights. The enormous value to create coziness and comfort in the Kids room has a choice of color solutions. When choosing colors must consider not only the common rules but the individuality of the child, his temperament, and attitude. Therefore, the selection of colors, as well as all the other works on the design, is best done with a specialist. Choosing a color for a child's room, you need to know about your child's colors tastes since they reflect his emotional needs.   Furthermore, the choice of color solutions can not fail to take into account such factors as orientation and room lighting, color furniture, as well as the overall color scheme at home.  The color of the furniture in the Kids room (especially the desk) should be neutral.

Not less attention to equipment a child's room should be paid to the ecological purity  finishing materials used. The surfaces of the room should be good for cleaning, both wet and dry, to be warm, pleasant to the touch and interesting by design.   An excellent field for the unlimited imagination of designer is the space ceiling. In general, a Kids bedroom, probably the hardest, but at the same time the most interesting from the point of view of design.

After all, the interior of a child's room imposes ineffaceable imprint on all subsequent human life, has an impact on the formation of character and personal development.





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