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Luxury residential design Abuja

What do you prefer: just beautiful images or interior design "turnkey"?

Imagine, you ordered a design project for repair or construction. What's next? It must be implemented. Here begin problems - the builders say that it's impossible to do everything like in the pictures. Either it requires some cosmic extra costs. And this situation is familiar to many, but not to customers of the architectural and construction studio Luxury Antonovich Design. Why?

With us, you solve any task "on a turn-key basis" - from the development of the project to its implementation. You just set a task, approve the project and after its implementation you accepting the work.

We take care of all other troubles. Including the selection of materials, furniture, interior details, construction, and decoration. Your task only "cut the red ribbon" at the entrance. At the same time, we guarantee that in reality, everything will be as close to the project as possible.

How we work

Design Studio Luxury Antonovich Design renders the following services:

  • The design of interiors of apartments, private houses and non-residential premises in Dubai and UAE.
  • Author's' and technical supervision of the project implementation.
  • Selection of finishing and building materials, furniture, accessories, equipment of the object.
  • Interior decoration.
  • Construction, finishing, electrical and plumbing works.
  • Producing of unique elements from wood, wood carving.

We do not just "draw beautiful pictures" of houses and apartments. We embody this into reality. Therefore, we prepare absolutely realistic projects with all the necessary documentation.

After that, our team of builders and decorators starting to work on the project. They are promptly and high-quality in the issue of compliance with norms and technologies, step by step implement the project. At the same time, the interior design project already takes into account all the nuances, which are often forgotten by design studios that do not have any building experience. What are these nuances?

For example, the location of acoustic and low-current cables, the location of furniture relative to electrical sockets. Often, interior designers forget about these little things. Over their implementation, building workers have to spend time and effort but for you in a result is a loss of time and money.

Why the Luxury Antonovich Design Studio - is beneficial

  • You get a completely finished object without a "headache".
  • After all, we take absolutely all the questions on design, selection, and purchase of materials, construction and finishing. You just enjoy the process.
  • You save money because you know in advance the cost of construction and repair.
  • The corresponding estimate we make at the design stage.
  • You are calm for the quality of work.
  • You do not have to urgently buy wallpaper or tile, for example.
  • We accurately calculate in advance how much materials are needed. Therefore, they are all purchased in stages and in the right quantity.
  • Why we can be trusted
  • The Design Studio Luxury Antonovich Design in business for more than 20 years.
  • Since the beginning of the activity, we have built "turnkey" more than 300 objects and have developed interior design projects for hundreds of objects in Dubai and the UAE.
  • Our staff only professional designers, technologists, architects and construction brigades.
  • We not only make the project but "from and to" we embody it in life.
  • We work only with reliable suppliers of construction and finishing materials.
  • We do not reduce the price to attract customers, but immediately call the real cost of work.
  • All the interiors created in our studio are easy to implement.

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