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Luxury wall design

Luxury decor

The Luxury Antonovich Design Studio performs gilding stucco, the interior design will obtain a memorable and unique look thanks to it. Such work will look luxurious not only in the classical style room but also in many other interiors, including high-tech. We offer a full range of services for creating a unique decor, so it is preferable if the stucco molding will also be created by our craftsmen. In any case, they have great experience in gilding moldings and performed work on both plaster surfaces and on more modern, for example, polyurethane ones.

Our gilded stucco has aesthetic properties, but the authenticity of the use of noble metal can be appreciated only by a true expert. The fact that gilding of stucco moldings will cost a much smaller amount of money than the use of gold leaf. Therefore, in most cases, we apply petal - thin sheets of metal alloys, which can not be distinguished from gold. It is also often in this case that it is advisable to aging the surface - giving it shades that are natural in nature for antiques.

Gilding of stucco - variants

The gilt stucco can be made in two main ways:

Use of sheets of special alloys. A cheaper option, which for an average citizen does not differ from the use of gold leaf. The relatively low price of such services is due to the more affordable price of materials. The advantage of this technology lies in the variability of possible color solutions - alloys not only have a golden hue but also silver or brown-red. Therefore, the use of this method provides great freedom for our designers who skillfully hide all the existing shortcomings of the room and emphasize its dignity at a high artistic level.

The use of real gold.

In this case, the cost of work is significantly increased due to the use of sheets of gold leaf. Technologically, the procedure for applying such a gilding is practically the same as for a similar operation with potassium: preparation of the stucco to the coating with gold, application of glue, installation, and adjustment of the gold leaf, application of a protective lacquer. As a result, a really golden surface is formed, and its imitation, but definitely only expert can say about it. Therefore, the application of this method will be justified for those customers who are striving for the true appearance of each decor element and do not agree to a compromise in this respect.

Stucco plaster and polyurethane - coloring, tinting, gilding

The modern interior can not be imagined without stucco design. Decor stucco is quite diverse. There are several ways to decorate stucco. The most simple and common method is staining, which can be performed using traditional or modern technology. In the first case, tinting stucco in a color scheme, appropriate for interior decoration. Thanks to modern technologies, improved methods of painting are used. In addition, in the decoration of stucco, the following methods are applicable:

Processing by patina or wax - materials that retain the appearance of natural gypsum, but change its texture Due to this treatment, gypsum gets additional protection from aging and mechanical damage. Ways to decorate the stucco with the help of paint thickeners and dyes with a sponge or cloth, you can create all kinds of textures, such as granite, artificial marble, and other textures.

The decoration of the stucco - the imitation of the granite surface: imitation of the granite surface is achieved using so-called mosaic paints. They include bubbles of colored inclusions, which, bursting when applied to the coating, create the effect of the multicolor surface. When working with such paints use a special spray gun.

Decorating stucco – gilding

The most popular and effective method of decorating stucco is its gilding. This process is quite painstaking, and therefore it is better to divide it into several stages. First, it is necessary to carefully prepare the surface: grind, align, cover all existing cracks. Then a special glutinous mixture is applied to the stucco molding, after which the surface is primed. As the surface dries, it is covered with a gilded paste mixed with glue. And only after that produce gilding with the finest sheets of gold. As a rule, gold leaf or its imitation is used. When gilding such decor elements as columns or pilasters, it is first necessary to apply a layer of decorative plaster on the surface to give the product additional strength and durability.

If you want to see your interior bright and sunny - you need to order decorative decoration of walls or ceiling with gold. Gilding the walls with gold or silver and gold, and also gilding the walls with gold leaf will make a truly luxurious, warm and cozy interior.

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