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Master Bedroom design ideas

Room designer of Luxury Antonovich design studio have proposed fascinating bedroom interior in a classical style. It is a perfect mix of rococo and baroque. Palace luxury in its modern interpretation. All beautiful bedroom designs ideas are inextricably linked with the dreams and wishes of our customers. We aim to create the perfect environment. The amazing beautiful interior design for bedrooms became a source of happiness and joy for the owners of the villa in the UAE.

 In this article we want to elaborate more of the major decisions in the design:

  • Ceiling design
  • Floor decor
  • Window curtains
  • Furniture in the interior
  • Wall decor

Ceiling design

This is the perfect embodiment of the classical style with rococo touches. Milky white ceiling decorated with a large medallion with luxuriant stucco decoration. Pinstripes of stucco molding playing with light and shade under the glare of magnificent crystal chandelier. To enhance the expressiveness of artistic decoration of the ceiling we complemented it all over the perimeter by neat ceiling lights.

Floor decor

In this project, the floor interior of the bedroom became one of the main decorations. Multilevel marble floors serve as a way to divide the space of a bedroom area and a boudoir. The bed lifted on the podium. Marble steps of light tones with smooth contours elegantly adorned the interior. The carved patterns of marble darker shades adorn the bright cream-colored marble.

Window curtains

The curtains in the bedroom interior perfectly correspond to the fine tradition of classical style. Any interior in this project has gained especially beautiful features by the finishing touch. Roman curtains of luxurious fabrics beige color with printed patterns curtained the arched windows. The curtains framed with the magnificent tulle embroidery.

Furniture in the interior

Of course, the main decoration of the bedroom interior is the bed. The high cushioned headboard upholstered with a noble velvet embroidery. Carved gilt decor complements this image. The soft pouf at the foot of the bed in harmony with the blankets and pillows. The boudoir area of bedroom interior is decorated with exquisite ivory commodes.

Wall decor

And the interior completes with wonderful story of luxury wall decor. Boiserie filled with stucco molding decor with gilt. Stucco molding behind headboard reflects the theme of the family logo.

All in perfect harmony, and gives a sense of aesthetic pleasure.

Master Bedroom design ideas of Luxury Antonovich Design

Master Bedroom design ideas of  Antonovich Design

Bedroom design ideas of Luxury Antonovich Design

Master Bedroom design ideas of Luxury Antonovich Design


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