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Master Bedroom Interior

This cozy bedroom with a gentle nature was designed for a villa in Dubai. The  interior designer Katrina Antonovich continued elegant and noble image of the house in the bedroom. This 4 bedroom house plans include two guest bedrooms, a master bedroom, and a child's bedroom. We invite you to have a look at design solutions for Interior Design for Bedroom. So we want to draw your attention to the following points:

  • The colours selection;
  • The decor of the walls and ceiling;
  • The selection of furniture.

The colour scheme in the interior

Best bedroom designs by Katrina Antonovich are based on the harmonious combination of colours, textures and materials. For this bedroom interior design, she offered a warm palette of colours, from dark brown to milky white. With the help of colours, the interior designer visually expands the space and makes accents. To highlight the main place in the bedroom interior design, she uses a dark brown colour of the natural wood. The light-coloured walls and ceilings beneficially set off the furniture.

royal bedroom by katrina antonovich

2 bedroom house plans

The decor of the walls and ceiling

The highlight of the interior design bedroom became a wall decoration behind a headboard of a bed. The lacquered wood of valuable species is decorated with brass inserts. These lace patterns are delicately repeated in mirror and glass surfaces. Decorative plaster of creamy colour in the walls decoration fits perfectly with the milky-white ceiling. The chandeliers in a modern classic style and additional lights decorated the ceiling.

best bedroom designs

The selection of furniture

The main decoration of the bedroom interior design is a luxurious bed with a high upholstered headboard. The headboard is upholstered in a soft velvet of milky hue, which creates a feeling of warmth and is pleasant to the touch. The soft chairs with high backs fit perfectly into the interior. Above all, the interior design for bedroom is a game of contrasts. Bright velvet contrasts with the dark varnished wood.

best bedroom designs

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