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Modern bedroom designs Nairobi

The decoration of house or apartment - is an image of your taste preference. This is a reflection of lifestyle and life choice, good taste and desire to comfort. Most owners of elite homes and apartments prefer to entrust the decoration of their property to professionals who in close cooperation with them, able to create an interior that best meets all the requirements of comfort, aesthetics, and functionality. To begin the difficult path of decorating your home is best from a most important room. For example, the interior of the bedroom - it is a cornerstone in the preparation of the concept design of an apartment or house. In the dream, in good sleep we spend 8 hours - comfortable and deep sleep affects our health, emotional state, and activity level, even more - success in business. In the bedroom, we all want luxury, comfort, an atmosphere of maximum relaxation and calm.

When creating modern design projects experts are trying to find the perfect combination between current trends in bedroom interior design and ideas that can be called - "classic". Not every design idea, which is on the top of popularity, will satisfy the unique needs of the consumers, not every creative solution is good for daily life. When choosing interior by yourself, it will be necessary to separate the "good and healthy" and "complicated and strange" or impracticable design ideas in relation to premise functionality.

Design of male and female bedrooms

Agree, no matter how romantic the guy, in the pink bedroom with dolls on the shelves, it will look a little strange. For the design of a young man's bedroom, the minimalism or modern style is perfect. Decorative elements you do not need much. Their role is to successfully fulfill accessories for hobbies and necessary sports equipment. Most likely, in the men's bedroom should be a small work desk with adjacent socket (men more often than women work at home in the evenings).The color scheme for the men's bedroom consists mainly of dark cold tones. Firstly, dust is less noticeable. Second, when properly spaced accents, it is cool. Suitable colors are light gray, light green, light blue, dark beige.

In the interior of the women's bedroom, more often dominate bright and light colors. Although an excess of pink, too to anything. For girls is important aesthetics. The interior should be filled with flowers, bright colors, beautiful trifles.Wardrobe in the woman's bedroom should be larger than in the male bedroom - and always with a mirror Women's bedroom can be maintained in any of the styles. It is desirable to provide in it more lockers, drawers, and shelves for cosmetics and accessories.

Romantic bedroom design

Romantic bedroom design - room for two, in which all senses are in harmony. If you want to please yourself and your partner, you should create a romantic atmosphere and comfortable conditions in your bedroom. Without a doubt, the appropriately decorated bedroom will affect your well-being and atmosphere that will reign in your bed. So if you want to create a romantic atmosphere and give pleasure to your partner, here are some tips on how to decorate your bedroom. First of all, it is important to choose the interior color, in it should dominate gentle (bluish or pink) or more saturated (reddish). Particular attention should be paid to bedclothes, it must be made of natural materials, preferably precious silk. Next, you must put a soft carpet on the floor, on which - if you want - you can lie down.

The design of modern bedrooms a huge bridgehead for creative ideas. The combination of different styles, trends in the modern interior design, the use of classic durable materials, and super modern technologies make it possible to offer you a truly exclusive design developed specifically and only for you. Contacting Luxury Antonovich Design Studio you get access to the implementation of your dreams. We will provide you the best service and will listen to all your wishes.


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