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Modern house design Abuja

Modern house design Abuja

Best Interior Design Bathroom by Luxury Antonovich Design is unique solutions and the use of new technologies.

Exclusive bathrooms are finished using natural stone. The primary elements of the bathroom, made in a classical style, are also  stucco moldings, decorations made of precious metals, as well as small sculptures.Installation of furniture and plumbing installation should also be well considered. Best of all, if the plumbing is done in copper, bronze, silver or gold colors, and its shape to be unusual and smooth.  Best Interior Design Bathroom from Luxury Antonovich Design in classic style, help to create an excellent, or as they are called, luxury bathrooms. Any household appliances in this case in a classic style interior should not attract attention. Excellent choice of lighting to create the style no less important.In the classic style of the interior uses various chandeliers, small candleholders, chandeliers with forged elements (antique) and tidy lighting fixtures.

In the creating, the interior, based on classical style, the  character  of  bathroom owner manifest itself  and the style of his life.

For example, Greek classicism  would look very appropriate or style under the name of "Empire". In this project, there is  white marble columns and a number of different patterns on the walls and ceiling. All this creates a kind of solemnity and symmetry, which indicate that the person is in the room with an interior in traditional style.  When you create an exclusive bathroom design, based on the classics, the furniture should be made of certain materials. For example, furniture tabletops are made of marble or mahogany wood.
Color plays a major role in the design of any interior. It is color creates the mood, able to make the interior light and airy, bright and cheerful or austere and cold. What color scheme to choose for your bathroom and how to use color to create the right atmosphere?  To get started is to decide what kind of atmosphere and mood closest to you in spirit. Conventionally, colors can be divided into the following groups.Relaxing - white and pastel range - create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, visually increase the space. Refreshing - the colors of green, yellow and light blue hues palette - are associated with nature. Extravagant - dark saturated colors - create strict, cold, and sometimes some depressing effect, particularly such as deep blue or black.Classic - white, black, black and white combination. Any bright and rich colors make the atmosphere of cheerfulness and positive.
For general background is best to use neutral colors that it is always possible to dilute with the color accents in the mood with the help of furniture, accessories, and textiles.  If you find it difficult to choose colors, win-win situation - design bathroom in white or pastel colors, such as snow-white, marshmallow, ivory, cream, beige, coffee, light shades of gray and brown. Choose the colors as the main, dominant, creating a common background.

Interior made in white or pastel colors - bright, light and airy, creating a comfortable atmosphere for rest and relaxation.

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