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The best architect Nigeria Abuja

Architectural design of luxury house premium class

Luxury house Nigeria Abuja - not a simple accommodation, but a work of art, which provides many opportunities for creativity. Luxury House suggests full compliance with the tastes of the owners and it would seem that only individually developed project is able to meet these requirements. But the project which is created for a specific customer only once becomes typical and may be re-implemented on request.  In addition, if the house is being built on the territory of the elite settlement, its appearance should conform to the general concept. It can also adjust individual preferences.  Currently,in the "premium" segment are increasingly being built houses with an area up to 600 square meters, with classical architectural forms. Nowadays is popular typical projects of German, Scandinavian and Canadian homes. But such "foreign" projects require  certain improvements in accordance with specific climatic conditions.

The best architect Nigeria Abuja

If you want to build a VIP-class house Nigeria Abuja and  already imagine its configuration, it is better to create an individual project home, in close collaboration with the architect. It is necessary to give a very detailed description of the future home to the expert and  provide some photos of cottages which you like.  As a result, you will decide the style of the house. Of course, the cost of individual villa design plan is quite high, but as a result, you get a house that has no analogs in the world .In addition, the individual project provides another advantage: you have the opportunity to consider the allocation of free space for living room designs, shopping facilities, toilets, and other facilities.

The best architect Nigeria Abuja offer the best construction materials

For a long time, luxury homes were built of brick, which has a number of indisputable advantages. In addition, the brick house is a long-term investment, which is typical for this class of buildings.  Houses made of luxury materials,  both by the individual projects  and to the standard design, are unusual and prestigious.They are built from the elite and modern construction materials, which are distinguished by high value.  VIP-class houses include also homes constructed of glass and concrete with the use of stone in the foundation and the ground floor, modern buildings in the style of Half-timbered houses with large glazed surfaces and intersecting balconies and terraces.  Although thanks to the development of modern technologies in the construction were made possible construction of the luxury house from almost any material.  Currently, the design provides for the construction of luxury homes Nigeria Abuja with a minimal amount of decorative space, which is constructed in compliance with safety and environmental technologies

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