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The best house design Abuja

The best house design Abuja.  Interior of the kitchen

The interior of the kitchen is an obligatory part of the premise, as in a small apartment, and in a large mansionThis the room becomes the most visited and most needed place in the house. To create a truly cozy, functional and comfortable kitchen interior, we adhere to several important principles.

1. Proper design of the configuration of kitchen furniture

This is the first and most important point of work on the design of the kitchen interior decor. Designers of the Antonovich Design Studio always approach to this objective in a practical and comprehensive manner. The configuration of kitchen furniture directly depends on the architectural layout and size of the room. As in the work on any premise in the house, in the kitchen interior design, we adhere to the rule of absolute uniqueness and exclusivity. The kitchen generally, continues the overall design concept of premises. In designing the configuration, we clearly calculate the height of the lockers and the algorithm of all the processes that can take place in the interior of the kitchen.

2. Decoration of floorings

In this section, in the work on the project, we combine the beauty and practicality as much as possible. If it is a floor made of natural marble, then it is treated in a special way to achieve an anti-slip effect. If in the interior of the kitchen elite parquet is used, then such a surface is treated with special wear-resistant varnishes. Modern manufacturers now offer a very large range of luxury flooring for the kitchen. Thanks to this, we can always create something unique and unrepeatable for you.

3. Selection of decoration materials

Like any elite interior, the kitchen interior can become a real masterpiece of design art, thanks to a proper selection of decor materials. The kitchen will be especially beautiful and artistically expressive if in it space will be harmoniously combined natural wood, glass, natural marble or natural stone and sumptuous fabrics. In addition, the versatile use of materials will be appropriate in any stylistic direction of the kitchen interior design.

4. Selection of colors gamut

This aspect largely depends on fashion trends. And interior designers of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio keenly monitoring all these moments, in order to create not only beautiful but also stylish kitchen interior. All the charm is that in modern kitchen interiors it is very easy to apply renovation according to fashion trends. You can replace the facades of kitchen furniture, as well as completely change the design of curtains. Also, the choice of colors scheme depends on the style of the interior. If in the classical style the gamut of colors is more laconic. In the Art Deco style, you can safely play with bright colors and contrasts.

5. Decoration of kitchen skirting

This, it would seem, a purely practical element of the kitchen interior can become one of its main decorations. Kitchen skirting can be made of glass with beautiful prints, of modern plastic with original textures, as well as natural marble or natural stone. Exquisitely will look kitchen skirting, if it is a harmonious continuation of the table top.

6. Designing of kitchen lighting

In the interior of the kitchen, it is necessary to use several light sources. In the daytime, there may be enough daylight. Very often kitchen sink in the kitchen interiors is placed just by the window. Of course, the overall lighting background is provided by a chandelier on the ceiling. And, for work on the table tops, additional light sources are placed with the adjustment of the lighting intensity. In modern interiors, dimmers are used, using which the degree of illumination is regulated depending on the time of day.

7. The use of modern storage systems

The maximum convenience and comfort in the interior of the kitchen, we provide with the use of modern storage systems. These are high-tech mechanisms that greatly facilitate the use of kitchen furniture and appliances. Such systems ensure minimal use of accessories and furniture, which makes the kitchen design more ease and refined. In general, the design and decoration of the kitchen are pretty a high-tech process. We use creative solutions of designers, the latest achievements in storage systems and kitchen appliances, in order to create for You absolute comfort.

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