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The Most rich people houses from Nigeria

The interior design by Luxury Antonovich Design is performed at the level where comfort and aesthetic perfection acquire their particular philosophical meaning.

The interiors are not just a source of comfort, they energize you and fill the soul with sublime emotions.

In one of the new author's projects, which has been designed for a villa in Africa, you can see a very close combination of elegant classical and modern styles. Smooth shapes and lines impress a lot. You can watch them endlessly, getting an aesthetic pleasure. The bright living room attracts with its gentle and expressive look. There is nothing superfluous, pompous and pretentious. Nevertheless, the interior looks very respectable and noble. The elite status is highlighted by such materials as precious wood in the walls decoration, fine silk in the windows decoration and genuine leather in the furniture upholstery. This list also includes noble marble that interior designers proposed in the decoration of floors and walls.

The villa interior is full of amazing details.

So on the white background of the furniture, silk chocolate cushions look fantastic. The designers added gilding lines on the chandeliers, moldings, and furniture. Lighting plays a critical role in creating a festive atmosphere in the interior. Two crystal chandeliers have become an excellent way to zone the interior space, highlighting the area of the living room and dining room. Lighting lines give the house some artistic expression. The interior designers masterfully created the geometry of space, bringing some unique touches. On the ceiling, you can see subtle patterns that shimmer under the chandelier illumination. The same patterns you can see on the original carpet. Light rhomb marks in the upholstery complement this solution. To expand the space visually and make it more festive, in the walls decoration, there are mirrors with charming brass rings.

In this interior every day you find something new and wonderful. This is the modern art of creating the perfect home.

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