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Hotel Design


The magnificent interiors of the hotels by studio Luxury Antonovich Design become a real oasis for those who appreciate luxury and comfort while traveling. Offering our customers the luxury interior design, we create a fashionable interior of the hotel reflecting the future of luxury. Hotels Design UAE artfully combines a perfect comfort and warmth of home comfort with breathtaking splendor, which doesn't leave indifferent true connoisseurs of luxury. We create the hotels interiors, whch admire with their beauty. You always want to come back to these hotels to experience the delights of a luxury holiday.

Author's hotels and inns design emphasizes their respectability. It is a design of five stars level for the most perfectionist. For those who can afford the best. From the cozy inn in the small town to the grand hotel complexes on the world-famous resorts. Our experience, talent and professionalism ensure that each author's project becomes the jewel in the hotel business environment.

Luxury hotels from innovative modern interiors to a respectable classical and elegant Art Deco. Hotels design from our studio is a creation of a unique interior concept, which makes every project unique and recognizable. Hotels Design UAE is a multifaceted concept, which includes architectural design, interior design and landscaping. We create a perfect harmony for a pleasant and relaxing stay. Hotel complexes оf the highest level, which are created by our designers, are not only a source of pride of their owners, but also the cities in which they are located.

Hotels design is a separate direction of our business, which we pay close attention. We strive to create an apartment in which it is comfortable and cozy for everyone. In which the most eminent and distinguished guests feel like at home. Luxury in the highest degree of understanding, comfort, built to the absolute value, aesthetic perfection that pleases the eye. It is this hotels design, offered by luxury interiors studio Luxury Antonovich Design.

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